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If you are a person with a disability, you want to live a normal life. You deserve to live a life that is indeed joyful and free from discrimination. Since you have a disability, other people must be telling something indifferently. You do not want them to continue discriminating against you because you do not deserve it. You must have found a way to improve your skills. That is why you landed a job. However, your employer must have thought that you cannot perform your duties very well because of your disability. If you know about Riggins Law, you must visit their official website because they can provide a disability discrimination lawyer to assist you if ever you will be terminated.

Like others, you are born with the right to a good life. If you seek employment, you only want the best in life. You cannot ask others to be by your side all the time. Your employer must have thought that you need to be replaced because they found you ineligible to accomplish other menial tasks. However, they have employed you. They need to respect you as a person and follow the law. You must ask for the services from a qualified disability discrimination attorney.

Through Riggins Law, you will be well-represented. They claim that they have represented a lot of employees with disability. Some of them have wrongful termination experiences. They file a lawsuit against the employers who did not respect them as citizens. You better ask the company to help you right away because their attorneys can navigate your situation. When talking about disability discrimination, it has been clear under California law that an employer cannot just discriminate against a person due to his physical disability, medical condition, or mental disability. It will sound unlawful to terminate someone just because they realized he is not fit for the job.

During employment, an employer cannot also refuse a person with a disability for training because of that aspect. If hired, any person with a disability must not be discriminated in terms of condition of employment and compensation. If you have a history of impairment, it would not also be a legal ground to be terminated or not given the right amount of compensation. You must know that you employers make reasonable accommodations according to the law. If you need an extended leave, get a part-time job, and get restructured job duties, they need to accommodate you.

If you want to know more about the job of a disability discrimination attorney, you must seek for free consultation. The hotline of the company is provided at the actual website. You may just avail of the hotline number immediately. You need to discuss your legal rights with the right person so that you know how to counteract the plans of the employer who does not show mercy. If you want to contact them via the contact page, you only need to type your name, electronic mail address, phone number, city, state, and zip code, the name of employer, the number of employees, job titles, and the annual compensation. Just click the ‘Send Message’ button once done.

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